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Epic trading card duels with the Warcraft characters



HearthStone is a trading card game where you face other players from around the world in exciting and fun card duels in which strategy and planning are the keys to victory.

The way you play HearthStone is similar to other games in this genre like Magic: The Gathering. Each turn, players will receive an additional mana point and can play as many cards as their mana permits. The creatures are for putting points down on the table and attacking your opponent's creatures (or attacking your enemy directly). The magic, on the other hand, lets you take more direct actions.

Players face off against one another in individual duels via the Internet. You can also play against the computer if you wish. The most interesting game mode is Arena, where you have to improvise with a deck of cards in the moment and try to survive as many duels as possible with it.

The most important part of HearthStone is the combat against other players, but it's not the only thing. Collecting cards is also a very important element, since players are able to buy card packs to create their own decks. To earn money to do this, you can either win battles ... or use real money.

HearthStone is an outstanding trading card game, possibly the best of its kind. But the only problem is that it's so incredibly good that it could start to take up too much of your time. (I know from experience.)